Dragon city breeding guide

reeding dragons can be time consuming as every single breeding time period and egg hatching requires time. Most tier two kinds need at minimum 8 hours or much more for breeding and hatching.

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Preferably, you will want to begin receiving the tier 3 dragons as shortly as probable. That way, once you have two tier 3 dragons like the gummy or soccer, you can begin aiming for a legendary.

Generation(Tier) 1

These are your simple dragons. There are a whole of 8 factors. They are Terra, Flame, Water, Mother nature, Electric powered, Ice, Metal and Dark.

The ice, steel and darkish will be more challenging to attain because of to the actuality that you will have to have to get to a bigger degree to create their habitats.

Generation 2

You get tier two when you breed two tier 1 from generation 1. For illustration, if you breed a mother nature dragon with an ice dragon, there is a chance you will get both a dandelion or mojito dragon. Tier two kinds are essential to breed tier 3 dragons.

Generation 3

There are principally 6 tier 3 dragons. These tier 3 kinds can’t be breed immediately from tier 1 style. If you check out to breed a flame with ice, it will never enable you. So, what you will have to do is to breed a tier 1 with a tier two dragon for the ideal possibilities to get just one of these rare dragons.

To breed a tier 3 style, use a tier two dragon with at minimum just one the very same component and breed it with the primary component of the tier 1 dragon. For illustration, Gummy dragon has the component of electric powered and mother nature. To have the ideal possibilities of receiving it, you will need:

Star Dragon(Terra + Electric powered) + Mother nature Dragon

Alternatively, you can also use one more comb this kind of as the Neon (Electric powered + Dark) and Nenufar (Water + Mother nature). This will consider much more tries because there are much more probable mixtures.

Generation 4
These are the rare legendary dragons that you can breed employing tier 3 kinds. It can take a whole of 4 times to get them. That features two times of breeding and two times of hatching.

Preferably, you will want to breed the tier 3 many occasions to get just one of these dragons.

There are a whole of four tier 4 kinds and they are legendary, mirror, crystal and wind. Not only are they strong, they are only weak to their individual sort.

Generation 5

To get these, you will have to have two tier 4 kinds to breed just one of these. They are just as strong as the tier 4 and you can also breed pure component dragons by breeding the pure dragon with a tier 1 dragon.

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